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Engine Tuning: Power You Can Trust

STaSIS engine software releases the full potential of your Audi vehicle, providing reliable and smooth power increases without sacrificing day-to-day drivability. Our software replaces the Audi software installed in the engine control unit (ECU), and is tuned so you get the best performance and most enjoyable drive from your Audi vehicle. We customize to adjust fuel delivery, boost settings, ignition timing, and other areas that will maximize the performance of your Audi vehicle safely, within the tolerances of the car’s engine and hardware. 

Large torque increases throughout the RPM range, beginning with significant low-end torque and building from there, offers quick response for all types of driving.

You’ll experience a number of benefits:

  • Improved performance—You’ll get a 50 to 100 hp performance boost with many of our engine software products, or combine it with other STaSIS hardware upgrades for performance increases up to 200 hp.
  • Improved fuel economy—While your personal driving style is the primary factor in determining gas mileage, our software upgrades enable the engine to run more efficiently, giving you the potential to improve your fuel economy.
  • Compatibility and convenient installation—Our engine software upgrades help you get the most out of other STaSIS upgrades, and are quickly and easily installed at your dealer.

All STāSIS products and packages purchased and installed through a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

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Software Development Process

Our research and development for our software is all performed in-house, with an experienced software development team and software tools that we have designed and created ourselves. Our unique approach to software development means continual innovation, as illustrated by pioneering the aftermarket remapping of Volkswagen Group vehicles via the OBDII port and delivering some of the best ECU tuning available for Audi vehicles today.

To maintain this level of quality and performance, we follow an extensive development and testing process for each performance tuning map on a new vehicle or new factory ECU upgrade before releasing to dealers worldwide.

Product Development

When a new vehicle is released, we use our proprietary software tools to create communication protocols that allow our software engineers to read the ECU data and create ECU-specific profiles to assist in identifying maps. We work with a test Audi vehicle to measure the factory configuration via a dynamometer and on the road, using high-speed data acquisition to monitor the vehicle’s sensor outputs and feedback to determine factory ECU performance. This data is carefully analyzed and used to engineer a test ECU mapping, customizing the tuning to maximize performance.

Tuning isn’t as simple as increasing load, boost pressure and timing. To create the most efficient and usable software, our engineering team focuses on finding the optimal balance to create a more powerful and usable car. If a higher boost pressure is possible, our tuners carefully analyze the data to find the direct and indirect effects of each change to achieve optimum results while retaining the ECU’s adaptive nature and safety features. These improved settings allow the engine and components to work with each other to the best of their abilities but never exceeding their safety limits. 

Product Testing

We test each software mapping on the public roads and on the track to gather data on performance vs. fuel economy. As our software is used worldwide, testing is performed with a range of fuels of varying octane ratings.

Once initial testing and modifications are complete and the software is reaching its full potential on the road, we again test our programs on the dynamometer. Power, torque output and delivery are monitored and logged. We continue refining the software, and when we are satisfied, we create the final mapping.

Because external factors can dramatically affect engine performance, we build in adjustability that minimizes the effects of external factors. For example, timing can be adjusted depending on the grade of fuel, and boost levels can be adjusted depending on the outside air temperature as this affects the air density. Once switching is programmed into the software, performance is again tested and settings are optimized for each variation.

Longer term road testing ensures overall quality and software integrity. We monitor ECU adaptation, real-world fuel economy and overall drivability of the car. When we believe we’ve achieved the optimal balance, software is then installed on a second and a third test vehicle. If all tests are passed and verified, then the final product is ready for release.


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