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My STaSIS Challenge R8 is the best ride I have ever had! Including my S4 and my Ducati's...

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"My first time tracking my R8. My first time at Infineon. In a word, Wow! As one of the other drivers in my group said,
"I'm in the S5. I came up behind you as...
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"This is a monster. Not difficult to drive but substantially more powerful."

"The funny situation occurred on the way home last night.  I was...
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"What I have now really has no place in the suburbs of South Florida. I mean, I hit 60 in second gear and I'm still not approaching redline...not much fun in the 45 mph zones...
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 "I am most impressed by the unique combination of refinement and neck snapping performance of the Audi after the installation of the STaSIS supercharger package. ...
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"I'm just a few days and a few hundred kms into my newly STaSIS supercharged V8. This was the right choice for me to get a bit more power since I've got the car just the way I...
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"While looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 2009 R8, STaSIS Engineering grabbed my attention. The video on YouTube of the prototype V8 exhaust had me hooked from the first...
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Mission Viejo Customer


"Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my S5 with the STaSIS Touring package installed by Jorge at Mission Viejo, and wow! I was blown away.

First of all, the car...
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"One word says it all; WOW!  What a package!  The STaSIS gear turned a great car into an incredible super car!"

"By adding the Challenge Package, I was able to...
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Audi Mission Viejo customer

When Audi first introduced the S5 I knew I had to have this car just for its looks, but my heart was really (set) on getting an M3. I took the S5 for its looks and luxuries,...
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Bell Audi Customer


Just picked up my 2013 S4 with new STaSIS ECU. it's like a new car (again)! Very pleased with the increased performance!!

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The suspension is amazing! I was able to drive the s4 faster than my Aston Vantage S that I drove last year. The car is amazing in the corners and really predictable. Ill send...
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My S4 has a Stasis ECU and Exhaust upgrade. Poor Alaskan roads do not spare cars with lowered suspensions. The upggrade vastly improved throttle response and acceleration. the...
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Just picked up my '13 S4 with new STaSIS ECU. It's like a new car (again)! Very pleased with the increased performance!

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2011 Audi s4. I purchased the car in Oct 2010. I was a lifer with BMW, including motorcycles. The s4 had every factory upgrade/package.
My friend has a twin turbo 3...
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After driving my new S4 for just a month last year, I had the STaSIS package added. The added performance was amazing - undeniably worth every penny! Looking forward to...
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After test driving a couple of stock S4's, I knew they needed that little something extra to make it the car I was looking for. So when I finally made a deal for an one I had...
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I was going to get the new Camaro but started looking at the A5 and S5. Then I was offered a test drive in an S4 STaSIS.... I purchased the car the next day and have had no...
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When it came time to replace my B6 S4, I naturally looked to the B8 S4. But the car didn't really excite me...until I drove a Stasis-tuned version. What a transformation! I...
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I love my Audi S4, but after taking it to a track last year, I quickly realized that the stock brakes, while great for road use, were not going to last for long on a track. I...
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